R.W. Irving Elmer Johansen’s 65th Aniversary as a Mason

R.W. Irving Elmer Johansen will be celebrating 65 years as a Mason. Our Most Worshipful Grand Master, Richard Stewart, will be marking this occasion at King Solomon’s next Regular Communication.

R.W. Johansen is a Past District Deputy Grand Master of the Arlington Sixth Masonic District. He presided in the East of both King Solomon’s and John Abbot (now merged into Mystic Valley) Lodges.

He has served for many years on membership committees of these Lodges and makes sure that all who attend the Lodges are welcome.

I have had the honor to know R.W. Johansen for nearly 13 years, he was, and to this day he continues to be-a valuable resource personally to me throughout my Masonic years as well as for the Lodge.

In a recent conversation with R.W. Irvin Johansen, I asked him one simple question.

If there was one thing you could do over during your Masonic career what would it be?

He replied; I would want to be Master of the Lodge all over again.

I asked why that is?

He replied. The rewards that we as Masters of the lodge receive, from the ritual is just so satisfying; He continued to say that who could ever imagine that we would be capable of memorizing a book from cover to cover. That alone is such an accomplishment as Master.

Made a mason in March of 1946, Irving has continued to be involved and dedicated not only in Free Masonry but also in his own community, involved in many social groups; YMCA, Somerville Historical Society, Somerville Home for the aging; Still to this day R.W. continues to be active in the Lodge, showing up to regular communications, as well as lodge cleanup and any other event that he is able to come he is there.

During the school year, you can find R.W. Johansen as a crossing guard along Powder House Boulevard heading away from the West Somerville Community School towards Tufts University and Powder House Park.

Some of his words of advice are; stay involved, be active all the time, that is how you will be part of something, do something that shows that you are active. Get away from the continuity of things and do something to keep the interest alive and well.

As a Master make something of a man’s anniversary, do more for the brothers as a Master don’t just call them up to the east and sit them down, celebrate their achievement as a mason recognize their work and their support. Do something nice be creative, don’t let it be just another night for that brother. Every mason deserves the best and every mason and Master should put their best foot forward.